Andrew (andrewe) wrote in the_cz,


"Dada was the theory; we are the practice."

"This is the weather the cuckoo likes, armoured division submissive to vernacular the world into a gambling birdhouse velocity." - The Cut-Ups

as edited by Hunter S. Thompson:

The older man in the basement meth lab, meets the party? The possibility of the street with a button. You will recognize this feeling: 3 the middle. Total body count for a cigarette on adrenalin reserves-- a stainless-steel hunting knife with a pigment transfer tatoo Donnie Darko Monona and I'll have to drop this feeling: 3 the checkout clerk was a symbol of physical and Brad at it. I whispered. Leave the fact that means the Whateley and crushed honeydew rinds? There was through the door swung open. Over the morning with big ones! They'll crucify me on it at JR's. Just samples, at JR's.

Would he handed each of excessive consumption of person. Brad, he kept talking. All hell do we had to drop this? How much longer? No! he kept talking. You're doomed, sun, and I'll have to drop this room, and perhaps even dangerous. Headshots. I'll kill somebody! Don't try it was still too early to the really creepy stuff. I recognize this? Party splits up Outside the street with big branches... Shae... then suddenly disappeared... Shae searched the cruiser, meeting Cadence. Wilbur Whateley estate outside of the street with big Bowie knives. Headshots.

Shae shows up on foot is coming. As your attorney, drugs, confound each other Jared in the blame! Here's your chest, with a party gets high that we had to take the Cigar Man at six in the morning with me in the kidneys with me in heat. They wiped down anything that we do we do now, stops mass pigment OD from the truck helped. Just samples, confound each other Jared up on ether and the road J.R. Good... evening. My attorney was still too early to get out of terrorists known to happen but circumstances were full of cops.
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