Andrew (andrewe) wrote in the_cz,

Session 10, or, I got intoxicated and gave someone Thor's hammer

wow. so, a lot of stuff going on in these sessions, much of which surprised me. I'm digging where we're going, though.

- Mcvane is now Stone, or at least wears the Stone body. He's got a handy little Shazam-style method of switching between the two. He's also got the walking-stick version of the Hammer, and apparently the resources of Department Seven behind him. Now that's a scary though. (I am curious whether the whole "remove your internal Spectre" thing worked, and if it did, what effect it had on his projection abilities.)

- After a merry chase up the eastern seaboard, the party's all together again. Among others, the following people are present in FIST:
- Graves, Father Black, and Fanny
- Shae, Jared, and Cadence
- Mcvane (without the sunglasses)

- The meeting room upstairs (in which the next session starts) was reserved for the Powers of Money, Women's Sports, and "Asshole". (I love post-modern deities. And I never would have thought to pose as members of the other side -- very nice.) Possibilities of a pirate broadcast are to be addressed next session. With Media cut out of the distribution rights. That's not going to make her very happy.

- Franklin R. Sebastian is Technology. (This was the second "out there" idea I had the night before the session, the first being the Brad/Stone thing.) Okay, so I admit we're mixing a bit of the Piers Anthony Incarnations of Immortality series in with our American Gods, as we see that at least some of the Powers are humans playing a part, so to speak. (I'm curious about how Sebastian managed to shanghai Linus and take his job, but the guy's pretty creative.)

- So what the hell's the deal with Pigment, anyway? Ghost orchids? Didn't I see that movie before? (Okay, that was an unintentional swipe.) Why would a bunch of rednecks in Eastern NC want to grow the raw material for Pig anyway? (Which reminds me: what the hell is Pigment for? We've seen it used to make "Little T" into a 28 Days Later style zombie, to give Mcvane supernatural powers, apparently make pseudo-vampires and zombies, and administered as a little extra "kick" to someone about to be killed and turned into a Cigar. Does this shit all fit together?
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