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OOC: Timeline (part 2 - 2004)


2004, January 15 - Jared Renault, Monona Terrace, Shae Matthews, and Brad Macvane meet over a corpse during a snowstorm at "The Comfort Zone" near Clinton, NC. The victim is a man in a black suit carrying a briefcase. After a brief Mexican standoff, the investigators establish credentials and agree to team up to find out what has happened. Brad and Monona interrogate a young couple high on some unknown drug, while Shae and Jared follow (and are attacked by) "Little T", an elderly but superhumanly strong homeless man. The man is covered with a grey powdery substance which gives Shae vivid hallucinations. Graves meets the group.

2004, January 16 - The group follows up on a series of leads, including J.R. Cigars in Smithfield and the Whateley manor nearby. Cadence Loveless and Monona Terrace meet at the Whateley "rave". Cadence spills a drink on Brad (apparently by accident) which leads to him being imprinted with a Pigment temporary tattoo and projecting for the first time since his stabbing.

2004, January 17 - Things turn ugly at the Whately manor. Orville Whateley, Cadence Loveless, and many guards and ravers are killed. Agent Stone shows up in a Black Helicopter. The party narrowly escapes (after a high-speed car chase) to the Hotel Yorba in eastern NC. Cadence's personality and lifeforce lurk hidden within Brad.

2004, January 18-24 - The party splits up and returns to civilian life for a week, after arranging drop-boxes and other forms of secure communication. Jared gains access to a metric fuck-ton of special equipment by blackmailing a corrupt supply official. Brad does research on Pigment, uncovers information about Edge & Sebastian Pharma, and heats up a burgeoning relationship with his former coworker Maggie Lee. Monona spends several days in Miami following up on leads, relocates Leonard Elmore, and gets a black eye from a bouncer at the Sect of the Naked Goddess. Cadence returns to Department 7 for debriefing.

2004, January 25 - The party regroups over waffles in Raleigh, NC. Late that night they infiltrate Edge & Sebastian Pharm, upload a great deal of sensitive information from Dr. Edge's workstation, and meet and kill William Leather. They uncover a secret "men's club" in a subbasement of E&S filled with souvenirs of an 'impossible' past. They encounter and fight a number of Sleepers whose cryogenic suspension coffins are stored nearby, and in the course of the combat and confusion are joined by Cadence (who wrests control of Brad's body) and Shae (joined by two Dept. 7 recruits, who die messily in a "mind control drill"). As they escape, the explosives go off, and William Leather's ghost attacks, they are thrown into the Collective Unconscious.

2004, February 7 - the party travels through the CU, joined by Graves (or rather, a manifestation of Graves based on Cadence's memories of him) and Anthony "Mack" MacDaniel (who believes the whole thing is a drug-fueled dream). They surface in the real world in Miami, absent Shae, and meet Mack in the flesh. Tulpas of Brad, Jared, Monona, and Cadence are formed back at the exit site; other than the fact that none of the PCs have been listed as missing, there is no knowledge of their whereabouts and activities. (The trip, which takes a few hours of subjective time, lasts over a week in real time.)

Mack plays host for the party on his houseboat. Cadence gets the hang of puppeteering other bodies, and takes over "Uma", an attractive sales clerk. The party attends a dinner get-together at Leonard's place (all-you-can-eat fresh-frozen lobster), Jared gets a call from Grandma asking him to check in on his cousin.

The party infiltrates The Sect of the Naked Goddess and shoots a recreated porn scene ("Rugby Locker Room") which generates charges for everyone present.

2004, February 8 - Monona's Bad Day. Just after midnight, the party meets Daphne and the Andy Warhol tulpa. Andy releases some Lovecraftian horror (a shoggoth?) from a handheld video camera, which the party defeats. During the course of the battle the Claw of the Crawdad manifests itself on Jared as a small birthmark on his left hand. Daphne escapes, Andy is captured, and the party makes off with a 1st gen copy of the Naked Goddess tape, the tape containing Monona's memories, and assorted loot.

The group manages to split up on the way home, and Monona sets up Andy as a prisoner on the houseboat, forces him to watch Judge Judy, and gets to work. Mack shows up a while later with several people in tow, all of whom retire to the master suite.

The next morning, Cadence and Brad wake up in bed together. Minutes later, Maggie Lee knocks at the door, and is welcomed in by a nude Cadence. Brad spends much of the rest of the morning trying to convince Maggie that everything is fine and normal. Meanwhile, Mack meets with his boss in The Family, twists the truth around a bit to avoid giving him bad news, and commits to a rather substantial payment to be delivered in the next 48 hours.

Jared meets his cousin, and gathers more information involving his heritage, computer-generated vodoun drumbeats, and a gang from New Orleans.

After a long and involved day of activity, Monona and Cadence prepare to interrogate Andy Warhol through a combination of skinwalking, internal dreamscapes, and old-fashioned beatings. Almost at the same time, The Freak shows up and mortally wounds Maggie. As events build to a head, nearly the entire party enters the CU in a projection of the Empire State Building in Andy's memories, then move to the Merry-Go-Round at Ground Zero. Cadence is "killed" in the CU. The scene ends with Cadence-Uma and Maggie healed and back in the real world... but bodyswapped.

At some point over the next few days, Mack trades in the houseboat for a substantial yacht, and Jared returns (pursued by gang members).

2004, February 16 - The yacht arrives in New Orleans.

2004, February 17 - the day of The Rehearsal. (Next session starts at 6pm that day.)
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